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Life Terra collaborates with Reflorestar Portugal

Life Terra is pleased to collaborate this season with Reflorestar Portugal. The association emerged after the 2017 fires in Pedrógão Grande (Portugal) to improve collaboration between those working in forests and communities in Portugal, as well as disseminate the principles of Permaculture, Syntropy and Agroforestry techniques. You can read more about them here.

This year, we collaborated to carry out a reforestation project near Alvalade do Sado (Alentejo). Here we have planted 2,000 trees and bushes of eleven different species such as cork oak, holm oak, broom, strawberry tree, Portuguese oak or willow, among others. This project had 2 different approaches, on the one hand, the restoration of the water lines and the monoculture of eucalyptus, with areas of poor soil. On the other hand, to re-establish biodiversity, creating food for wildlife and species that can bring value in the future to the ecosystem and to the landowner.

We are very happy about this collaboration and hope these will be the first trees of many more.