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Life Terra joins Archipiélago de Bosques forest network

We are really excited to announce that Life Terra will collaborate with Archipiélago de Bosques to help them achieve their mission of planting 3 million trees in Spain. 

Archipiélago de Bosques aims to increase the forest mass in Spain and encourage society to act against climate change. With the cooperation and participation of reforestation and planting activities carried out in Spain by other organisations, companies, public administrations or individuals, they want to build a solid archipelago or “network” of forests.

Together we want to help build this network of forests and consolidate it to help restore biodiversity and the forest mass. At the same time, this collaboration wants to provide visibility and increase awareness of climate actions. On their website, you will find some of our initiatives that will count towards the final mission of planting 3 million trees in Spain.

The Archipelago de Bosques is developed by ECODES, in its role as executive secretary of the #PorElClima Community, and has the support of BBVA Asset Management through the Solidarity call of BBVA Futuro Sostenible ISR. 

We are really proud of this collaboration and looking forward to add more trees to the initiative #PorElClima.

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