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Life Terra joins the "Comité Internacional del Corredor Biológico Mundial"

  • Life Terra will contribute with plantings in the different municipalities that are members of the Global Biological Corridor.

  • The initiative aims to create a continuous area in the form of an ecological belt.

13 Dec. 2021, Barcelona. Life Terra joins the Global Biological Corridor as a Foundation and as a member of the International Committee subscribes to this initiative to help protect the environment and its biodiversity. The Life Terra project will contribute by planting trees and shrubs in the different municipalities that form part of this international initiative.

This Committee aims to create a meeting place where synergies, alliances and ideas in the field of the environment can be shared with the objective of developing significant advances in the extension of a Global Biological Corridor. It aims to create a continuous area as an ecological belt with green infrastructure in partnership with different countries.

"We are very happy to join this international project that will help to create a better planet for future generations by protecting the environment and its biodiversity," said Sven Kallen, Founder of the Life Terra project.

The initiative not only aims to reforest degraded habitats, but also to protect and conserve natural areas such as rainforests, savannahs, marine habitats, kelp forests, reefs and areas of high geological interest.

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