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Life Terra joins Volte

Would you like to help us from your home? By using the Volte search engine become an activist and stay in touch with our actions.

We have started our collaboration with Volte, a solidarity search engine, which redistributes the advertising revenues generated to a particular NGO, in our case: Life Terra.

How does it work?

From now on, you will be able to use Volte as your web search and all the money raised through search ads will be donated to Life Terra to support planting projects and other initiatives.

It's 100% safe because all the searches done with Volte are encrypted and no browsing history is saved: your data is safe. Moreover, this search engine is of new generation which guarantees a maximum relevance of the results.

You will be able to follow your contribution at any time in the form of "hearts" during your internet searches to know your final impact.

How do I start using it?

You can download Volte and add it as your default browser to start supporting us from your home here:

And remember to share this with your friends. The more of us that use Volte, the greater we contribute!