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Life Terra participates in the SERE2021 Conference

Life Terra was present at SERE2021, the 12th edition of the European Conference on Ecological Restoration. In this congress, experts from all over the world gather virtually to discuss challenges facing ecological restoration in post-2020 Europe, and particularly, how can ecological restoration promote the recovery of damaged, degraded, and destroyed socio-ecological systems in these critical times.

We participated in the workshop “YOUNG#ER - Education and Training of YOUNG PROFESSIONALS TOWARDS socio-ecological restoration” where our colleague Aroa Gregori presented the Life Terra’s strategy for Education & Training: “Empowering future generations for climate action through the Life Terra project”.

Research shared in the workshop showed that one of the main barriers of Education & Training in academia is the lack of fieldwork. We offer such real-life experience in the field to individuals and organisations interested in leading our tree-planting events: the Terra Leaders.

The SER Europe Conference started on the 7th and will continue until the 10th of September 2021. Stay tuned!

You can find the presentation here.