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Life Terra's Green Week: planting trees in 6 countries

In just one week, we've planted trees in six countries, fostering environmental stewardship and creating a lasting impact. Join us as we reflect on this remarkable endeavour and the power of collective action in combating climate change.

Armenia: Amidst the stunning landscapes of Armenia, the Life Terra team not only planted a symbolic tree but also engaged in insightful discussions at the "Forest Ecosystem Services and their impact on your business" conference in Yerevan, deepening their understanding of the intricate relationship between forests and sustainable development.

Belgium: Basking in the sunshine of Brussels, the team didn't just attend the #3BillionTrees conference; they also seized the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations, fostering collaborative efforts towards a more verdant world.

United Kingdom: As they dug into the British soil, the team's enthusiasm for tree planting in the UK wasn't just about the physical act; it was a testament to their enduring commitment to nurturing nature and fostering biodiversity.

Italy: In the heart of the Franciacorta province, each tree planted wasn't just a simple act; it was a declaration of solidarity with local communities and a promise to preserve Italy's natural heritage for generations to come.

The Netherlands: Against the backdrop of Dutch landscapes, the team's daily tree planting activities weren't just about adding greenery; they were a tangible expression of their belief in the transformative power of nature and the collective responsibility to safeguard it.