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Local students go green! planting day in Murcia

On 23rd February a group of local secondary school students visited La Junquera (Murcia). During the day they learned about the role of agriculture in society and ways to improve it. They also had the opportunity to visit crops suitable for arid climates, in a context where water is a limited and very important resource.

To conclude the day, the students also planted wild trees and shrubs to create a green hedge surrounding a cereal field. They planted more than 500 individuals of species such as hawthorn, juniper, olive, mastic, broom and holm oak, among others. All these species will bring great diversity and heterogeneity to the ecosystem and will favor the appearance of different types of pollinators. They will also provide different types of food and shelter for the local fauna.

Certainly, an incredible day that the students won't forget.