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"Marcesina, the rebirth of a plain" Joint Plant Event in Italy

On November 4th, 2022, Enego (VI) Italy, saw a big step toward healing nature with the "Marcesina, the rebirth of a plain" planting event. Teaming up with LEGAMBIENTE, folks like Nunzio Cirino, Stefano Ciafani, and Paola Valente joined forces for an important mission.

Their goal? Bring life back to Marcesina, a place hurt badly by the Vaia storm in 2018. They planted over 9,250 trees on about 6 hectares, starting the area's recovery and helping the pastures grow again.

This event wasn't just about planting trees. It brought together teams from two LIFE projects, showing how working together can do big things for nature.

Plus, it was a chance to meet and talk with the LIFE Climaction project team. This sets the stage for more teamwork in the future to tackle more environmental problems.

This planting event is just the beginning. They're already planning more events like this, showing they're committed to helping nature bounce back.