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Monitoring with IFER in Netherlands

In Life Terra we do not only plant trees, but we also monitor the growth and survival rate of our planted trees.
Together with our partner IFER, we went to the Marienwaerdt estate in the Netherlands where we monitored the trees that Life Terra has planted at various locations in previous seasons.
It was a challenging exercise, because in many places both the trees and the weeds had grown so well that we had to look carefully to find all the trees.
Fortunately, we were able to conclude that the trees had grown significantly and that there is an overall survival rate of approximately 90% for trees planted last season, and a 75% survival rate for trees planted the season before. Moreover, we have experienced the difficulties encountered when monitoring in the field, which gives us input for further improvement of the monitoring method. All in all it was a productive and very enjoyable day on the field. We continue to monitor our trees.