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Montescola keeps planting for biodiversity

We keep planting with our partner Fundación Montescola! On the 18th of February they completed a successful tree planting activity in Formigueiro, located a short distance from the sanctuary of Santo André de Teixido.

Together with 35 volunteers they planted 500 trees to promote biodiversity in a plot where eucalyptus was removed after decades of forest monoculture. For this purpose 6 different species were planted, including cork, walnut, hazel and chestnut trees.

After finishing the plantation work, the volunteers had a wonderful meal prepared by the hosts, and then they visited the spectacular Serra da Capelada. This activity is a great example of how individuals and organizations can work together to make a positive impact on our planet.

We applaud Fundación Montescola for their commitment to the environment and look forward to keeping collaborating with them during this planting season.