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"Not only photosynthesis" meeting with Legambiente

The Monastery of Sassovivo in Italy hosted the insightful event "Not only photosynthesis" in collaboration with LEGAMBIENTE. Aimed at spreading awareness during the "Festa dell’Albero" weekend. The event was welcomed by Chiara Braschi and hosted participants interested in environmental causes.

The event served as a platform for joint dissemination, presenting the goals and activities of the LIFE Terra project. Notably, a networking activity was conducted with the LIFE Clivut staff and approximately 50 attendees, fostering connections among citizens, including children, and environmental enthusiasts.

Following the event's success, plans were discussed for future networking activities with the LIFE Clivut project, highlighting the alignment of objectives between the two initiatives.

With annexes including event pictures and posters, "Non solo fotosintesi" stands as a promise to collaborative efforts in environmental education and advocacy.