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Partner Training by Legambiente #engagement

This week all the partners of Life Terra were supposed to meet in person in Rome. The trip was planned to spend some quality time, to receive the first training on how to Lead a citizen planting event and to of course plant trees together! Due to the current situation, we had to come up with another plan, and our hosting partner Legambiente organized a very engaging virtual event.

We kicked this online session off with an ice-breaker and asked all the partners to share a picture of their selves and their favorite tree prior to the event. Everyone got the chance to explain why this tree is special to them.

Our partner Universitat de Barcelona shared more knowledge on why it’s important to plant trees, what kind of species we can plant, and we even end up in a discussion about the difference between invasive species (autochthonous) and exotic (allochthonous) species.

The main goal of this session was to learn how to plant trees and our host Legambiente made it a fun process by starting this part of the session with a quiz. Afterward, they explained all the steps that are important prior, during, and after the event. We also learned much more on how to engage volunteers and make sure they will stay committed.

Thank you for hosting Legambiente!