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Planting 2000 trees and shrubs for biodiversity in Segovia

How happy we are to be back for another year collaborating with Las Moradas de Campoazálvaro in Segovia. This year we have returned to the property to plant more than 2000 trees and shrubs of species such as holly, blackthorn, ash and willow.

The owners have started by planting green hedges around the boundaries of the property and keyline planting in the inner area. The main objectives are to retain soil and improve water infiltration as well as to reduce the impact of wind and increase the biodiversity of the area.

We are grateful for the opportunity to continue working with Las Moradas de Campoazálvaro towards a more sustainable future. We hope that our efforts will contribute to the long-term health of the ecosystem and the community, and we look forward to seeing the results of our work in the years to come.