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Planting in Ecotròs agriculture farm

Last Saturday in Ecotròs, an ecological agriculture farm in Ametlla de Mar (Catalunya), we planted 270 trees and shrubs together with the owners and 4 volunteers.

The planting consisted of combining several Mediterranean species in 1 square meter “nests”, to allow plants to stimulate and protect each other in their early stages of growth. Among the species used are species which will provide food, such as the stone pine (Pinus pinea) and the black elder (Sambucus nigra), and species which will enrich the soil and protect others from the wind and keep humidity. Vegetables such as spinach and beans will be cultivated around the nests.

This is part of an agroforestry project to increase biodiversity and provide additional sources of income in a carob (Ceratonia siliqua) woodland. Thank you Ecotròs and Perma Lau for sharing this enriching and inspiring experience!