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Planting with Interpreta Natura and motivated volunteers

Every Life Terra planting has a story behind it.

In order to plant trees, we need first to find land (and a committed landowner!), select the right species, get the trees (and some tools), find donors, write a report, etc. But we don't do all this alone!

Sometimes, we partner up with other organisations with the same mission: restoring our connection with the Earth by planting trees. One of our partners is Interpreta Natura, an environmental association from Valencia.

A group of volunteers with intellectual disabilities joined us and made a valuable contribution by planting in a protected natural area located in Vilamarxant, a small town near Castelló. Their dedication and hard work were greatly appreciated and helped to beautify the local environment.

We want to thank them and Interpret Nature, for giving everyone the opportunity to collaborate toward meaningful change!

Let's plant together!