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Planting with the regenerative farm La Junquera

Yesterday, February 17, we visited La Junquera farm, a regenerative agriculture project in Murcia with whom we are collaborating. The Life Terra team planted 179 new trees with 17 volunteers of Campo Altiplano and the regenerative communication project A regenerar. 

La Junquera farm is located in the southeast of Spain, one of the driest areas on the peninsula, at imminent risk of desertification mainly due to climate change and conventional agricultural practices. This is why Life Terra is helping plant 10,000 trees during this planting season. These trees, which will cover an area of 10 hectares, will help to accelerate the reforestation efforts on the farm. 

Thank you for your hospitality and the visit. And also thanks to Campo Altiplano and A regenerar! We will definitely come back to visit you again. Keep up the good work!