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Reforesting Sant Jeroni de la Murtra

We returned to the beautiful Sant Jeroni de la Murtra in Badalona, Spain. Our journey to rekindle life here started two years ago. But this stunning land unfortunately shows the scars of a wildfire from last year. This time we've been on a mission to nurture and replace the trees that didn't make it.

In a place where nature's resilience shines through, we embarked on two activities, divided into two groups. One group checked and replaced the struggling saplings, while the other got their hands dirty creating balls of seedlings "nendo dango".

Despite the challenges of a year and a half without rain, our spirits remain undaunted. Our heartfelt thanks go to Selvans and Cisc, who joined hands with us to make this day possible.

Together, we planted many local species and made a real impact - a total of 127 trees found a new home in this beautiful land.