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Regenerative practices in Montado Freixo do Meio, Portugal

Montado Freixo do Meio is a farm located in the region of Alentejo (Portugal). In the 1990’s Freixo do Meio was truly paving the path for organic, agro-ecological farming and currently it is managed as a cooperative where they carry out a wide range of regenerative practices.

Life Terra planted trees back in 2020 and Spring 2021. Now, during this planting season, we are also collaborating with them in order to reforest their Novo-Montado plot with 29,000 trees.

Due to the characteristics of the area, the aim of this tree planting is to create a green barrier of evergreen species that will help to reduce the wind impact and to improve the ecological characteristics of the area. The vision for the place is a mixed-stratified-Montado, installed with a rather high density.