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Replanting at "Cubo de Don Sancho Farm": Event Recap

Cubo de Don Sancho farm in Salamanca welcomed the Volterra Ecosystems team for an important mission. Núria Borràs and Luis Suárez-Llanos were among the participants working to revive the land.

Their task? Check on the trees planted in previous years and replace any that didn't make it. They replanted 100 seedlings of Quercus pirenaica, Quercus ilex, and Pinus pinea.

But that's not all. They also tested the LIFE Terra tagging tool in an area with low internet signal - and it worked! These trees were added to the Life Terra Platform as Partner Trees.

This event wasn't just about planting. It was a chance for teams from LIFE Mycorestore and Volterra Ecosystems to work together and make a difference for nature.

This replanting event is a step forward in restoring the land and shows how teamwork can make a big impact on the environment.