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Restoring Biodiversity: Project in Jarandilla de la Vera

A truly beautiful project has been carried out on a private farm in Jarandilla de la Vera (Caceres). The owners bought an old tobacco monoculture and are gradually restoring it. The aim is to improve the soil conditions of the land as well as to enhance local biodiversity. To this end, different species of grasses have been sown as well as the planting of species characteristic of this Mediterranean forest.

The planting has been carried out following the contour lines of the farm to facilitate water infiltration. In other areas of the farm, planting has been carried out in a dispersed manner, replicating the natural forest. They have also built and rehabilitated several ponds to maximise water resources and facilitate the establishment of aquatic plants and the fauna associated with this type of micro-habitat.
Life Terra provided over 2000 trees and shrubs of more than 30 different species for this planting. Species such as pyrenaica oak, chestnut, olive, holm oak, hawthorn or rose were provided to replicate the native forest and other species such as willow, ash, elder or rowan to establish riparian forests.

Finally, species with a great diversity of fruits were also used in the planting to provide food for the local fauna, such as the laurustine, fig, mulberry, wild apple and wild pear trees.