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Reviving Abandoned Land: ReflorestarPT's community events

In March, we gathered in northern Portugal at the edge of a national reserve park, on land that was once a thriving forest. This land, used for farming and cattle for many generations, had been abandoned for the past two generations. Now, in its second year of reforestation efforts, this land is becoming our "Mother Forest" for the species ReflorestarPT uses in regeneration projects throughout the country. This year, we introduced about 40 new species to this area, using the existing vegetation (Cytisus striatus) as shade and organic matter to support forest regeneration.

On the second day of our educational action, we worked in a rural area where lands were once farmed for many generations but had been neglected for some years. A family recently moved to this farm with the aim of regenerating the land, living sustainably, and dedicating the space to educational and conscious workshops for the community and companies. ReflorestarPT is assisting in regenerating the ecosystem and creating beautiful spaces for future events. This area, which is becoming increasingly urbanized, serves as a crucial connection for people to reconnect with the land.

Our first community event in this region was a great success! It was a fun and engaging experience, especially for the teenagers who participated. We look forward to many more successful events and continued regeneration of this valuable land.