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Science week in Matadepera, Barcelona

Between the 15th and the 22nd of November, the University of Barcelona (UB), Life Terra, CREAF, AIUMA and Matadesphera co-organised the Setmana de la Ciència (Science Week) event at Matadepera, Catalunya.

The university presented two talks about climate change and sustainability and what we can do to tackle them, both from a scientific point of view and providing practical examples, such as the work we do at Life Terra.

The university team also held a two-day workshop about carbon footprint calculators, where we discussed with participants the importance of measuring the impact of our individual choices and reduce it through responsible consumption habits. The workshop was a perfect opportunity to test the Life Terra carbon footprint calculator and other calculators, to be able to make improvements and provide a great tool to users.

People showed high interest and we all learned a lot!

Find the agenda here. And the presentation here.