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Scouting for new land!

Second visit of the Life Terra team to one of the owners interested in participating in the project. In this second visit, we have known every corner of the farm on horseback with the owner. What a cool way to scout for new land!

This property has always belonged to his family and due to the use of fire for grazing the property has suffered a strong degradation in relation to its biodiversity. We studied how to efficiently carry out reforestation work to bring life back to this property in the mountains of Madrid while helping to retain water and improve pastures.

The Guadarrama hills next to Madrid are vast and in the recent past have suffered from fires, over grazing and neglect. The Volterra team got some great views of the land where we'll organise new Life Terra plantings this coming season.

We are looking forward to starting this project 40 minutes away from the capital!