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Second visit in Sant Geroni de la Murtra

After our 2nd Tree Planting Event in Santa Coloma de Gramanet we're excited to share our recent results in the Catalan protected area, near the serene monastery of Sant Geroni de la Murtra.

For the second time this year, we've rolled up our sleeves to make a difference in this beautiful landscape, which was sadly struck by a wildfire. We're thrilled to see most of our first trees are thriving, despite the challenge of invasive species.

This time, we planted 97 trees, a mix of six different species, each carefully chosen to restore the natural balance in this area.

We also build some insect houses to sustain the habitat and promote the biodiversity.

A big shout-out to Selvans and Ecoherencias who joined us in this mission! Together, we're taking steps towards healing our environment.