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Small farm project in the Algarve region

Another project that joins Life Terra thanks to the enthusiasm of its owners to improve their surroundings. In this case, it is a small farm located near Monchique, in the Algarve region. A few years ago they suffered a big fire that destroyed all the native vegetation, as well as eucalyptus and pine trees.

After buying the farm, the owners started to restore a few buildings in order to be able to live in them. This year they have decided to focus their efforts on reforesting the banks of the river that runs through the bottom of the property. Securing water resources on a farm so far south on the Iberian Peninsula is a major challenge and can be crucial to a successful project.

To this purpose, the owners have been planting 625 individuals of riparian species such as alder, grey willow, white poplar, black elderberry, common and broom hawthorn, among others, in lines along the banks of the river. A bit further from the bank, other species such as maples, carob, hazel and pomegranate trees have also been planted. The species have been chosen with the aim that this reforestation will achieve the following objectives in the long term:

  • Restore the ecological balance of the area.

  • Stabilisation and improvement of soil properties.

  • Improve water infiltration and water quality.

  • Provide food availability and shelter for wildlife

  • Generate river corridors that contribute to biodiversity conservation.

We wish them the best of luck with the project and hope to continue to collaborate with them in the following seasons.