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Snowy tree planting success: 200 more trees in the Netherlands

Last week, the Netherlands experienced some long awaited wintry weather. But since the soil was not frozen and the ground temperature was above zero, that didn't stop Climate Partner from planting trees with Life Terra on Monday the 15th of January. They even invited some of their clients to help create a new biodiverse forest at De Kleverbergh near Nijmegen, the Netherlands! The snow made for a unique event and some beautiful pictures, but most importantly ClimatePartner planted around 200 of the 1340 trees that they have supported this project with. We want to thank both ClimatePartner and their clients for their contribution to this project and to our tree planting efforts in general. Do you also want to experience such a tree planting event with your employees, colleagues or clients? Don't hesitate to contact Life Terra for more information on our tree planting events. Let's plant together!