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Terra Leader training in Madrid during Las Rozas event

Once again Life Terra continues to train Terra Leaders in Madrid. As part of the Great Family Plantation held on 5 November in Las Rozas, the Life Terra team trained a group of 30 volunteers. Among the volunteers were individuals, technicians from the City Council and a group of youth volunteers from Las Rozas.

They learned about the Mediterranean species that were planted that day, as well as the key steps to follow to plant and protect a tree correctly, not forgetting about mulching and mulching to maximise the water resource. They also had the opportunity to learn about Life Terra's online tree tagging tool. Given the size of this planting, which was attended by approximately 4000 neighbours from the municipality and surrounding areas, the explanations of the logistics at each participant reception point were also important to clarify.

Overall, it was a very intense and fun day where we all learned a lot from both a social and environmental point of view. We are very grateful for the involvement that Terra Leaders volunteers showed on the day. Their support in managing the participants was key to the success of the day.