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The Longest Insectwall in the World planted by Greenbookings

On March 28th, a new partnership between Greenbookings and Out of the Office brought forth a groundbreaking initiative: the planting of trees to create the world's longest insect wall!

These newly planted trees, which bloom abundantly year-round, serve as vital habitats for insects, contributing to biodiversity and ecosystem health. The effort was spearheaded by Out of the Office, a local event location committed to sustainability.

Greenbookings, sharing the same sustainability vision, eagerly joined the endeavor, marking the planting of the first 700 trees as the inaugural step in what promises to be a fruitful partnership. Their collective goal is to enhance the sustainability of events while fostering environmental stewardship.

The collaboration between Greenbookings and Out of the Office showcases the power of partnerships in driving meaningful change. With the successful planting of these initial trees, the stage is set for further impactful initiatives in the future."