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Tree number 4 million in a nascent Swedish farm

On June 21st, Life Terra achieved a remarkable accomplishment by planting the first trees of a food forest on Roos Burger and Rene Langendijk's farm in Lingilt, Sweden. This tree is also a special achievement for Life Terra since is the tree number 4 million!

The couple, together with their two children, relocated from the Netherlands a year ago to establish a regenerative farm. Their ambitious vision includes a farm shop to showcase their own products and provide various accommodations for ecotourism and volunteers.

Despite facing the challenges of a severe drought in Sweden this spring, the planting project persevered. With the assistance of friends, neighbours, and the Swedish landowner, a delightful variety of larger trees, including Mulberry, Honeyberry, Amelanchier, Heartnut, Hazelnut, Pear, Rowan, and Cherrybush, were successfully planted in the newborn food forest.

A special event took place when Roos, accompanied by Victor Rundqvist, the deputy of the Lingilt municipality, planted a Mulberry tree. Nature seemed to lend its support, as a significant rain shower blessed the soil and the newly planted trees, almost as if recognizing the profound significance of their work.

Looking ahead, Lingilt's story continues in October with plans to plant another 250 trees in collaboration with the local school. This exciting initiative will further contribute to the region's growth and environmental conservation.