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Visit to the Regenerative Farm La Junquera and Mula

Last Friday, 4th of June, some of our colleagues from Life Terra visited the regenerative Farm La Junquera to see what actions we can do together in the coming years.

Alfonso has more than 20 years of experience in regenerative techniques for soil that he practises in his family’s farm, in la Junquera, Murcia. Our Team discussed the possibility with him to plant 10,000 trees in his farm during the coming years of the Life Terra project.

Also, that same day, our team visited another land in the region of Mula, Murcia, to visit a 20 ha field that 7 families bought to regenerate the area. This would be a great opportunity to collaborate together and plant trees next planting season or the coming year.

Looking forward to expand these collaborations in the coming year!