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Volterra and the UB participate in the IV Sustainable Development Entities Open Day

Last February, Volterra presented the Life Terra project and a sub-project consisting of a potential reforestation of 50 ha of land in Teruel (Spain), starting in Y3 during the IV Sustainable Development Entities Open Day.

The objective of this open day was to present the activity of all these entities, including Volterra, to the bachelors-level students who will develop a class project based on “Service-Learning” (Aprenentatge i Servei - ApS, in catalan) with one of these entities, as part of the Sustainable Development subject’s curriculum.

Prior to this open day, the participating entities met online to meet the organisers and plan this in-person session, which was also a networking opportunity for Volterra and the Life Terra project.

You can find the presentation given here.