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Volunteers Plant 2,000 Trees in Croatia

In a recent initiative to revitalize Croatia's forests, volunteers from the Šumoborci organization joined forces with forestry experts and community members to plant 2,000 new saplings in Slunj.

The chosen area, Donja Glinja, had seen a decline in its coniferous forest due to disease and drought, prompting the planting of a new mixed-species woodland. Over 120 Šumoborci volunteers, along with partners like the Croatian Scout Association and HEARTH agency, participated in the event, which also welcomed volunteers from DM and other local organizations.

The event received support from various official sponsors, including the Representation of the European Commission in Croatia, the Office of the European Parliament in Croatia, and several Croatian ministries. Last year, the project received recognition as the Best Green Campaign in Croatia at the GREENCAJT sustainability festival.

Through initiatives like these, Croatia aims to combat deforestation and promote sustainable forestry practices, engaging thousands of volunteers in the process. With over 145,000 trees planted to date, efforts continue to restore and expand the country's precious woodlands.

Photo Credits: Roman Avdagić, Igor Pavlović