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Vrije Universiteit plants 725 trees in challenging weather

Rain, hail and snow, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam saw it all during their first planting event with Life Terra. The weather conditions were very challenging, but that didn't stop them.

Fully covered up against the rain, they gave it their best shot, and that paid off: 725 of the 1000 trees were planted! They will serve as revitalization of a forest in the Goois Natuurreservaat, making it more climate resilient. The planting event was a pilot for their alumni who just received their masters degree. The students were gifted a tree from the university as a sustainable graduation gift and got the chance to come out and plant the trees by themselves.

A wonderful initiative that we support, and as Manon (Sustainability Community Manager at the VU) said it "beautiful to literally add something to nature in this way".