Valley with trees


Most people want to do better; to themselves, to others and our planet. They just don’t know where to start. That’s where BrightVibes comes in. At BrightVibes, they amplify the positive impact on a global scale of all the great initiatives from all corners of the world. BrightVibes is a digital producer & publisher of Contagiously Inspiring Video Stories. Thanks to their 2 million fans and large network of publishing partners, they reach 20 Million people per month via social media and our website.  Their community consists of people who are actively in search of positivity, strive to become a happier & better person, care for a just and sustainable planet and want to contribute to society.

BrightVibes currently operates in English, Dutch, Spanish and German language. Their main themes are: better society, sustainable planet, personal growth and inspiring people. They put inspiring people and initiatives in the spotlight and always give viewers tools to act and contribute positively themselves.

BrightVibes has already reached tens of millions of people in Europe with stories related to climate change, and influenced their attitude and actions to help mitigate climate change. 

Vision BrightVibes:

In order to change people’s behaviour, they need role models, practical steps and a sense that what they do, matters. Seeing others do good is contagious and the way to make the world a happier, fairer and sustainable place. “I MAKE A CHANGE, WE MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.”

BrightVibes contributes to the Life Terra project as a Communication associate and is in charge of leading social media and awareness campaigns. 

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