Caely Renewables

Caely Renewables is specialist services company with a strong focus on the environment. They help clients to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their sustainable energy consumption, this enables them to meet their environmental goals. This is done by actively advising and executing environmental commodity transactions in the areas of biogas/biomethane, emission reduction certificates and renewable energy certificates. Within this young and dynamic market, Caely’s team boasts a wealth of experience and is committed to becoming the go-to knowledge leader and actor within the environmental commodity space. 

As the team of Caely not only believes that fighting climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, they actively participate in providing solutions through their daily work. They also like to plant trees and show that team spirit in the field. We were very pleased to plant trees with part of their team in the Netherlands early 2023 and Caely also adopted our first Miyawaki forest in Nice.

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