Valley with trees


ClimatePartner is a service provider that offers companies climate action solutions: from carbon footprints and climate action strategies all the way to climate-neutral products with the support of international carbon offset projects. They engage in projects across the world in order to improve the living conditions of people, animals and our biosphere by taking ambitious climate action.

ClimatePartner is teaming up with Life Terra to plant trees for some of their European clients. Although these clients have already committed to offsetting their emissions, they are sometimes lacking “action on the ground”. Through Life Terra’s network of planting partners across Europe, we can help to make these companies even more aware of land degradation issues and engage them in concrete climate action by planting trees locally with their employees.


Climate Action Awards

ClimatePartner was awarded in the Climate Action Awards 2022-2023 as the "Most Impactful Organisation" for their continuous support during the planting season. Together, we teamed up in Chambord (France) and made clients across Europe more aware of land degradation.

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