ConnectaVerse offers a new and interactive online platform for international specialists, covering areas such as fiscal, administrative, notary, labour and legal services. It will match the demand for doing international business in a smooth and efficient way with hundreds of specialised service providers with deep roots in the countries they work in and with strong local networks.

The ConnectaVerse team is highly dedicated to the issue of sustainability and very much aware about the portal’s potential to reach a huge audience. As such they have teamed up with Life Terra to offer all new participants signing up to the portal 1 tree, where possible planted in the respective country or as close as possible.

Each service provider will get its own Company tree dashboard where this first tree is visible and they will be invited to adopt more trees at Life Terra.

All trees planted thanks through the network will appear together in ConnectaVerse’s tree dashboard to showcase the global impact and offer maximum transparency as to the results of this great collaboration. 

We planted the first 100 trees together in Miravet in 2024 in the regenerative farm Green Rebel.


ConnectaVerse Tree Dashboard