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Cyber Environmental Law Enforcement (CybELE) is a Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) specialized in the provision of evidential support in the form of geospatial data analytics and satellite imagery compliance monitoring for any type of environmental legislation. By combining Earth Observation engineering, computer science and legal expertise, the company supports the entire environmental law enforcement community in the management of environmental cases.

CybELE products facilitate access to justice by lowering costs in the monitoring of environmental laws, collection of reliable evidence and evaluation of environmental damages. They transform raw Earth Observation data available for free into actionable information for all end users involved in legal compliance or law enforcement activities.

The investigative products and services are trusted by public institutions (law enforcement agencies, governmental bodies) as well as private sector (law firms, insurance companies, companies implementing best practices, civil society organizations) seeking to optimise the monitoring of environmental compliance. 

Cybele contributes to the Life Terra project as a technology associate and will develop the satellite monitoring technology.  

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