Valley with trees

Delftsch Studenten Corps

The Delftsch Studenten Corps (DSC) is a student association in Delft, founded in 1848. With over 2300 members, it is the largest student association in Delft. Next to the many activities, the association also offers its members a lot of opportunities to develop themselves in sports, social, and cultural activities with 24 different sub-associations. The DSC is strongly connected to the Delft University of Technology, where most of its members study.

In recent years, the Delftsch Studenten Corps has been paying more attention to sustainability. In 2018, the sustainability committee was established. The sustainability committee works on making the building more sustainable and wants to raise awareness of sustainability among DSC members. Additionally, the sustainability committee is working on making smaller things within the association more sustainable. For example, reducing the use of plastic cups, offering vegetarian meals, and separating waste.

Recently, the DSC has also started a collaboration with Life of Terra. Members of the association can offset their consumption by planting trees. By supporting these kinds of projects and increasing awareness of sustainability among its members, the association continues to grow in terms of sustainability.

"Planting trees with Life Terra enables more than two thousand of our members, both individually and as a group, to increase awareness about sustainability and make a positive impact on the environment. As students, we are obliged to look after our environment to ensure our future on this planet."

Maarten Kokshoorn - President Senaat DSC


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