E.Leclerc, founded in 1949 by Édouard Leclerc, is a prominent French retail giant headquartered in Ivry-sur-Seine, France. Operating a vast network of supermarkets and hypermarkets, they offer a diverse range of products, from groceries to electronics. Committed to responsible practices, Leclerc emphasizes the sourcing of locally-made products, reducing plastic waste, and minimizing their environmental impact. They empower independent retailers to run stores under the Leclerc brand through a cooperative structure and actively engage in community initiatives and cultural sponsorships in their numerous locations across France and Europe.

Thanks to the financial support of E.Leclerc's hypermarket in Aubenas (Ardèche) we could plant the first 1,000 trees in Spring '23 in collaboration with our partner ASES. The project helped restore the first part of a completely devastated forest area in Lentillières due to an illegal clearcut. Since the location is very steep a lot of erosion was taking place and first we had to stabilise the soil with trunks and other means. More than 20 different species of trees and bushes were planted to boost biodiversity in this mostly monoculture (chestnut and spruce) landscape. We are closely monitoring the development of the trees and will report updates in our Blog Section and social media. In the winter season 23-24 another 1,000 will be planted here on a lower plateau.

E.Leclerc events with Life Terra

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