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Agencia EFE is the leading Spanish language news agency and the fourth largest news agency in the world, with more than eighty years of experience guarantees its impartiality, its power, its credibility and its immediacy. A multimedia news company with a network of journalists worldwide, more than 3,000 professionals of 60 nationalities working 24 hours a day in over 180 cities in 120 countries, and five publishing houses in Madrid, Bogotá, El Cairo, Sao Paulo and Bangkok, offering products to customers across the five continents.

EFE distributes almost 3 million pieces of news every year in various news formats: text, photographs, audio, video and multimedia, reaching more than 2,000 news media daily in the world. EFE offers the Spanish and Latin American view of the world in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Arabic, Catalan and Galician. In Spain, there are bureaus in the capitals of the 17 autonomous communities, as well as in Ceuta and Melilla (the Spanish cities in North Africa), and small bureaus or correspondents’ offices in the other Spanish cities. There are more people reading the news from EFE than any national daily newspaper.

EFEverde is the EFE News Agency’s global environmental platform and has a specialized and rigorous team working on all multimedia environmental information. is right now one of the main informative references in Spanish on all kinds of news related to environment, renewable energies, biodiversity, environmental journalism and sustainable development.

EFEVerde contributes to Life Terra as part of the communication team and will help to provide in-depth coverage and project dissemination materials in Spain and beyond. 

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