Valley with trees


Heimstaden is originally a Scandinavian home rental company active in several European countries. Their ambition is to make our residents' lives more comfortable by offering them a friendly living environment. At the same time, they contribute to a sustainable future.

Heimstaden kicked off the 'Tree for a Key' collaboration that we will have with them for the coming five years at the Demo week in Mariënwaerdt! For every new tenant they have, a tree is planted. The first 1,500 trees were planted in November 2022 in Beesd. Although there was mud and cold, spirits were high and trees were planted enthusiastically.

In 2023, Heimstaden went to the field again to plant 500 more trees in Klarenbeek Estate during our demo planting week.

Looking forward to the coming years!


Heimstaden's Tree Dashboard