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IFER – Monitoring and Mapping Solutions, Ltd. is a spin-off company of IFER – Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research, Ltd.

IFER is an independent, private, research organization. Core activities of the company are focused primarily on forest production ecology, monitoring of forest health conditions, methods of statistical forest inventory, forest management planning, wildlife ecology, balance of carbon and other substances in ecosystems, etc.

Since its creation, IFER has gained years of of theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience which facilitate a long-term development of the methodology of statistical forest inventory and a closely linked complex technology of computer-aided collection and processing of field data – Field-Map (©IFER – Monitoring and Mapping Solutions, Ltd.). The development and subsequent distribution of the Field-Map technology was assigned to a spin-off limited company IFER – Monitoring and Mapping Solutions, Ltd. (IFER – MMS) founded for that purpose in 2005.

Field-Map technology (FM) is used for computer-aided collection and management of forestry data in more than 40 countries worldwide. In Czech Republic the FM software is used by various academic and commercial institutions such as the Forest Management Institute, CzechGlobe AS CR, Mendel University in Brno, national parks of Podyjí, Šumava and Krkonoše and many others. It is a commercial product with guaranteed development. FM is a technology that has been created by combining a unique software with suitable hardware which enables for field mapping, measurement, efficient data collection, and their subsequent processing and evaluation in office.

IFER contributes to the Life Terra project as a technology associate by providing on the ground validation of carbon sequestration and calibrating Terra’s monitoring technology. 

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