Klub Gaja

The origins of Klub Gaja date all the way back to local protests in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, against plans to cut down ancient trees during the communist rule in the eighties. After successfully preventing these plans, Klub Gaja was officially founded in 1988 and has grown out to become one of the most prominent environmental charities in Poland.

They are active in many different topics, but focus mainly on reforestation, animal protections and improving water quality. Some of their most notable projects include the Teraz Wisła campaign to protect the Vistula river, the ‘Tree of the Year’ contest and their animal rights campaign. They are an example for any grassroots environmental organisation and are devoted to involve local people, culture and education in their projects.

As part of their work, Klub Gaja has been planting trees for over 30 years. They have supported reforestation projects throughout Poland and have planted hundreds of thousands of trees throughout the years. During the spring planting season of 2024 Life Terra and Klub Gaja partnered for the first time on a reforestation project for which we planted trees together with local school children. We expect this to be the start to a long and fruitful partnership!

Link to website: https://klubgaja.pl/