Kyndryl stands for managing mission-critical systems that the world depends on every day. They recognize that before technology comes nature as humanity's fundamental infrastructure and consider sustainability part of their DNA.

Kyndryl started supporting Life Terra plantings in 2021 from their very beginnings as a company and through a global partnership with One Tree Planted. Over 3.000 trees in Germany have been adopted and many of them gifted to employees or external business partners on special occasions. The kick-off event to our collaboration was an employee planting in the Odenwald region. For their one-year anniversary Kyndryl Germany launched an internal pledge campaign for which staff members donated trees and the company more than doubled the amount that was pledged. We are looking forward to more tree plantings with Kyndryl teams and their partners!

„At Kyndryl we are maintaining the critical infrastructure our economy is running on. There was no question that we are supporting the most critical infrastructure our world depends on: Our forests and trees. Thank you Life Terra for our joint event, planting a tree for each of our employees and all the best for your ongoing work.”

Markus Koerner, President Kyndryl Germany