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Legambiente is recognised as an “association of environmental interest” by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, born in 1980. It is the most widespread environmental organisation in Italy with two headquarters in Rome and Milan, 20 regional coordination offices and more than 600 local groups of volunteers.

Legambiente is a pacifist and independent movement and is not related to any Italian party or institution. It’s supported by more than 115,000 members, donors and by projects and businesses that are in line with the organization’s principles

The mission of Legambiente is to promote the Scientific environmentalism to build policies and to advocate change towards local, national and international stakeholders and institutions, in order to engage communities, stakeholders and people and enable them be the leading actors of change, to drive the economy towards new models of green and circular economy and to improve the quality of life for everyone (environmentally and socially)

The main aim of Legambiente is to safeguard biodiversity, protect natural areas, promote an efficient use of natural resources, foster sustainable territorial development, fight against environmental illegalities at Italian and European level.

Legambiente carries out national awareness and information campaigns and projects which involve other associations, public administrations, educational institutes and students, companies and citizenship in general. Legambiente acts at local, national and EU levels to advocate for sustainable development, green economy, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

Legambiente is the demo country leader for Italy. They are also in charge of creating training materials and engagement among volunteers. 

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