Valley with trees

Life Terra Team

We are a diverse group of people coming from different countries, but we all do have one thing in common: our intention to take impactful climate action. And this is why we all joined Life Terra.

Meet the team!

Tiago de Santana

Technology Manager

Carla Oosterheert

Technical Support Officer

Luis Súarez-Llanos

Reforestation Project Manager

Marcos Lopez Ercilla 

Project Manager and Carbon Removals Coordinator

Marije van den Oever

Implementation Manager

Sabine Lieb

Germany Team & Project Leader

Madeleine Von Borcke

Business Development Consultant Germany

Aroa Gregori

Education Manager

Anna Colàs

Communication Manager

Nadia Stomp

Partnership Manager

Roos Van Der Donk

Business Development Manager

Lara Kostić

Support Manager

Sven Kallen

Founder & Secretary Life Terra