Valley with trees

MEDSEA Foundation

The MEDSEA Foundation is an Italian NGO, located on the island of Sardinia, created with the aim to promote actions and projects aimed at reducing the impacts that cause the loss of natural and cultural heritage, through the principles of the Ecosystem Based Approach and Integrated Coastal Zone Management of the Barcelona Convention and, at the same time, to passionately disseminate knowledge of this heritage. Originally focused on sea related projects, the organisation also works on land restoration projects such as restoring burnt areas.

Life Terra, Rosberg X Racing and MEDSEA foundation, partnered in 2022 to plant 5,000 trees in Sardinia's Oristano area that fell victim to the 2021 wildfires. Hundreds of families were displaced and many houses and properties were destroyed. The impact on the local environment and wildlife has been devastating. We operated a multi-specie approach to create more resilience in the area and also involve local actors such as schools in the project.