Valley with trees

Nature Based Solutions Institute (NBSI)

The Nature Based Solutions Institute (NBSI) was founded with a strong wish to support the greening of cities with the best available knowledge and practice. Nature-based solutions, ranging from planting a single tree to the development of green infrastructure for an entire city or urban region, are needed to tackle the grand challenges human society is facing. NBSI has introduced the 3-30-300 rule for developing urban forests and creating greener and healthier cities. Everybody should be able to see 3 trees from their home, live in a neighbourhood with at least 30% tree canopy (or vegetation) cover, and be no more than 300 metres from the nearest green space that allows for multiple recreational activities.

Together with Life Terra we will strive to green European cities with more trees and accelerate the transition to more sustainable and livable cities. The trees are sponsored by donors and planted by Life Terra volunteers, so the social component of climate action is supported as well. Examples include, “green belts” around cities, “Miyawaki or tiny forests” on small patches of unused land, “diversifying parks”, “urban food forests” and “trees for shade” around walking and cycling paths. This collaboration relieves municipalities from the initial investment in greening their cities while involving citizens and thus creating direct local impact.