Valley with trees

Natuurlijk Voorne Putten

Agricultural nature association “Natuurlijk Voorne Putten” (NVP) stimulates nature-inclusive agriculture on the island of Voorne-Putten (province of South-Holland) and undertakes projects such as “flowering field margins”, “protect meadow birds” and the “Pieperpootproject” [sustainable potatoes], the latter being specially aimed at schools. Nature conservation is also done by planting and maintaining new areas of forest.

Together with Life Terra, NVP members are given the opportunity to plant trees, or have them planted, on their property. This can be in the form of trees around fields, but also in groves, hedges, or yard planting. There is a lot of demand from volunteers for tree planting events and Voorne-Putten still has a lot of space available for new, sustainable green infrastructure.

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